When Nicholas started college he began to understand why he loved art as much as he did; he had the ability to tell stories and convey emotions in which people could lose themselves.  In 2002, Nicholas received his BFA in Illustration from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating he moved to Los Angeles, California where he went on to work as a freelance Graphic Designer and Artist. He spent his time fine-tuning his craft and figuring out how best to convey a story. Five years worth of shows and design work later, Nicholas decided to make another big change and move to Portland, Oregon in 2007, where he would eventually build knowledge and experience to start a new life.

My art is a reflection of what something looks like on the inside. There is so much information about things hidden beneath the surface, all you have to do is search for it. In most of my paintings, I feel as though I'm giving the viewer an all access pass to a persons or objects inner beauty and emotion--or at least how I view them. Rarely do we get the chance to just look someone in the eye without you or the other person feeling a little uncomfortable. With the way the future is moving, and moving fast, there probably will never be a chance for that connection to happen again. The world now communicates with cell phones and instant messages, practically void of direct human contact. My paintings are a summary of a thought or person, an overall view of what they could be. Now you could stare for hours without feeling awkward. You get to know the person in the painting and understand them intimately. There is so much beauty in things but, sadly, it doesn't seem like we take notice. My paintings slow you down. They make you want to get back to the basics, notice the extraordinary in the ordinary.